My Story
Suffering from arrhythmias, panic attacks and related scary symptoms I went to many cardiologists, each time getting different medical reports ranging from you don't have nothing to a diagnosis of a remote possible unseen electrical hearth disease. Each report always excluded a visible sign of damage in my body organs or in the hearth. Furthermore I was always told that nothing important could have generate all my troublesome symptoms: anxiety-panic attacks, shakiness, rapid heartbeat, extrasystoles, dizziness, etc.. so that at the end the suggestion was always: Do not care!!... But how I could have NOT CARE!, when the symptoms forced me to stay home many times, for days and nights!! My life started being a living hell and nightmare. Until after years of desperate researches I finally found the sense of all of that!
I'm not a doctor, nor a PHD. but I offer my contribution here to the many sufferers of this disease, that feels to be abandoned by the academic world of medicine.

What ​​is the GCPA Syndrome then?

Please download the PDF file below for a detailed explanation of the syndrome, with suggested cures that are not invasives and suggestions in order to how to deal with the tricky disease.

​To download you're gently requested to offer a 'donation'. This is due to years of research that saw me spent considerable time, energies and moneys. Also, for me to help me in order to afford to pay the server fees. I believe that it is a good thing and good karma to help keep maintain a site that can help other hopelessly GCPA sufferers. ​ ​

Whether I'm not a physician or a doctor, the info I will provide to you has shown to be successful in my personal case (where official doctors cures failed!..) helping get rid of the most troublesome signs. Since they were successful with me they can be for others with similar health problems. This is why I'm offering this valuable hints to you.

However aAfter reading "GCPA Syndrome: Diagnosis & Cure" I suggest that you ALWAYS check with a doctor what you read, learned, before you can maybe misunderstand or misuse the info contained in the PDF file. Hopefully this info will also increase your knowledge of the matter and to prepare you to a more prepared visit to a doctor that can be possibly overwhelmed or deceived by some of the various symptoms you will report to him.

Finally w​Whether can be determinant to restore your well being, please consider also "GCPA Syndrome: Diagnosis & Cure" as an information given to you for educational purposes.​​