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Are you suffering from digestive problems with scary Hearth troubles and related Anxiety attacks?...from strange hearth arrhythmias, palpitations, shakiness without having detected a hearth or a mental problem, nor an abnormality that can justify them?... Many sufferers of these erratic symptoms, in absence of an evident heart problem (most of the time being the typical case) are told usually from a doctor to be healthy, and to control their stress and to calm down trying to 'reassure' you. Notwithstanding you STILL are experiencing the above symptoms and then you enter a hell of crazy thoughts and wondering knowing being healthy but feeling really terrible! Many of you then fall in desperation and they ask repetetively help to more doctors and psichiatrist without possibly having little or any help.   This site is dedicated to all of you that went to a cardiologist, to a psychiatrist, in and out from hospitals, spending a lot of money, without getting a real cure and an answer. Many of us that are living in a state of panic, since they are becoming aware that nobody can help, neither UNDERSTAND them!! Don't panic, you deserve to know and be cured! 
Having dealt for years with these symptoms I reached some conclusions and developed some cures that proved to greatly help the restore of my good health.
​If you have the symptoms described above, without being detected a cardiac problem, you're probably experiencing a similar problem. I have a fast answer for you in the PDF file called "GCPA Syndrome: Symptoms & Cure" I prepared and it's downloadable below. These document is written after many long years of research and attempted cures to my own illness. Please notice that in any case you need to seek doctor advice and to be inspected first by a physician. I'm only suggesting you possible causes of this articulated illness and suggesting possible cure. However I feel that at the end these info will be precious to the sufferer hopefully putting him many steps ahead in order to understand the mechanics of the disease.

My scary Experience
"I'm committed to clarify one of the most troublesome and misunderstood health problem of this stressed modern times. Let's call this ensemble of symptoms as the Gastro Cardiac Panic Attack Syndrome (GCPA). This malignant illness has puzzled me and many for years!It's a really tricky matter with nasty and frightening symptoms: ranging from full blown Panic Attacks to Heart arrhythmias and more.
This website is dedicated to the sufferers from a sufferer to the benefit of all that are experiencing similar symptoms.
I'm a real person not a doctor, but I like to share with you my amazing discoveries hoping to contribute to defeat this ensemble of symptoms. This articulated syndrome in her tricky essence is often rarely detected, being partially addressed very often by some professional researchers and doctors. Being missed the real problem, also the cure cannot be reached, and the problem remains. But I found a solution..." - a GCPA Syndrome Sufferer
Why this site is unique and precious for sufferers?
This site is unique cause being made by a sufferer-researcher that before to solve the 'mistery' of this articulated syndrome, spent years in a hell of suffering, spending thousand of dollars with hospitals, doctors, medicines, without solving the problem and instead becoming more and more worried without seeing any real improvement! NOW really this site can safe you years of probably useless and enigmatic medical searches if you're not lucky to find a doctor who knows well the syndrome. Do not give away your calm under panic or despair, please look to my PDF file for the answer you deserve! I can finally help you letting you coming out from the viscious loop you entered!... A GOOD NEWS! There is a ilness explanation and a suggested cure!
​Just look at the "GCPA Syndrome: Symptoms & Cure" PDF file instructions with all detailed explanations and remedies!! Take back full control of your health and peace of mind! And please show the suggested cure to a doctor, to be sure that can suits you.
Today a sufferer needs to make his own research to be a smart and also to help a doctor in better understand the happenings of his ilness, which sometimes can be various misleading symptoms. Finally then it's revealed in a clear 360 degrees ratio what many doctors most likely ignore or can fail to say to you, as happened to me! - a GCPA Syndrome Sufferer
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Do you experience an overall feeling of anxiety, with random panic attacks , heart disturbances, cardiac arrhythmias, hearth palps & rapid or slow heartbeat rhythm episodes, depression, sleep trouble, insomnia, dizziness-shakiness, bad digestion with GERD reflux, gastric pain and more?...Chances are that you're experiencing the GCPA Syndrome meaning the Gastro Cardiac Panic Attack Syndrome.
These troublesome symptoms are in most cases without a related evident physical damage that can justify them and their magnitude. You enter then a 'twilight zone' status feeling abbandoned and desperate. A good news, we know what is all about!
We know them, since we were sufferer... a good news, there is finally explanations and a cure for this!
The information in this website and PDF file are given strictly for research purposes.
The author and publisher do not prescribe or recommend and assume no responsability. Any misuse of this website content and info provided are at your own responsability.
I always suggest that you first check your health status with a professional doctor, before
you eventually can reach erroneous conclusions.
In the event you use this information without your doctor's approval, you are prescribing for yourself, which is your constitutional right.